"When you absolutely need to figure out why you’re not more profitable, these are the guys to call.”
Don Brown, Optimal Blue Secondary Interactive (Colorado)

"I can't say enough about how Garrett, McAuley helped us turn our warehouse lending program into a nationwide operation."
Matt Wolfe, Senior Vice President, Associated Bank (Illinois)

“I got great comfort from your review and found it extremely helpful in deciding whether to stay in or get out of mortgage banking." 
Michael Devlin, CEO/Chairman Cape Bank (New Jersey)

“You’ve helped our Board do a much better job of monitoring our mortgage company.”
W. R. Robbins, Chairman, Farmers Bank & Trust (Kansas)

“The due diligence report looks great.”
Brian Coulter, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

“I think we followed just about every recommendation and even some of the "you might want to consider" items. Our profits have more than doubled.”
Joe Stadler, CapWest Mortgage. (Kansas)

“Your profitability review completely changed the way we think about our business.”
Bill Osborne, President, Nations Lending Corporation (Ohio)

“We implemented your recommendations on hedging and our pick-up is averaging 48 bps, and that’s on $3.5 billion last year!”
Mark Young, President, Mortgage Services III (Illinois)

“Your insight lives in our office on a daily basis.”
Sarah Valentini, CEO, Radius Financial (Massachusetts)

“You told us exactly what we needed to do, we followed your suggestions precisely, and our earnings grew more than we’d thought possible.”
R. J. Kistka, Arbor Mortgage (Michigan)

“For crisis management, call Garrett, McAuley. Call them immediately.”
Jim Brewer, President, Goldwater Bank (Arizona)

“Your advice on buying Darien Bank was completely invaluable.“
Rob Hirt, President, RPM Mortgage (California)

“We've had great success rolling out our warehouse program and received excellent advice along the way from Garrett, McAuley.”
Mike Karr, Chief Credit Officer, Pacific Premier Bank. (California)

“Helping us with our warehouse lending made a huge difference in our profitability. Just huge.”
Joe Adams, President and CEO, 1st Security Bank (Washington)

“Deeply experienced, great problem solvers.”
David Stein, Bricker & Eckler (Ohio)

 "We started with a good company, but you came in and turned the place upside down, and after two days, you gave us three game-changing strategies to make us a great company."  
Paul Klemme, President, Sirva Mortgage (Ohio)

“Since you did a CFPB Readiness Review, it’s completely changed the way we think about the business.”
Pete Gabrione, President, Midwest Equity (Illinois)

"You did a great job on due diligence with the sale of MetLife's warehouse lending business.  Worked out well for all parties involved!"
Brian Lewand, Managing Director, MetLife

“Thanks for challenging us to use our brains every day.”
Gellert Dornay, President, Axia Financial (Washington)